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Between Waves

​波之間 Between Waves

作品位於台灣南部的嘉義布袋鎮,是聞得到海與地氣味的獨特環境。藝術家曾令理擅長用曲線元素創作戲劇化的空間體驗,本次以200根國產柳杉角材佈出曲面波形,三組重複單元旋繞出一個內部為空的裝置。 外部可感受到曲面拔地而起的態勢,象徵大地與海浪的力量,走進內部則能感受到神聖凜冽感,抬頭可見光束從高處降落。伴隨木頭的香氣光線從狹長的縫隙中透出,光影虛實之間有著精采對比。

Artist Ling-Li Tseng specializes in creating a vibrant spatial experience by utilizing curvilinear elements. Her newly completed work locates in Bu-Dai township, Chiayi, a unique environment surrounded by the scent of ocean and earth. The art piece is made of 200 local cedar lumber pieces, which arrange in the shape of the parabolic wave, three sets of modules repeated as a coiled installation. Its appearance illustrated the contour surface risen from the ground, symbolizing the power of the earth and sea waves, while a touch of sacred and icy can be sensed as walking into the inner space. The downward light beam from the top is visible as long as raising the head, and it goes through gaps with the smell of wooden aroma. This astonishing contrast effect is unveiled in between brightness and shadow.



構築設計|陳建同 與木製研

攝影| Yi-Hsien Lee and Associates YHLAA

策展單位|群眾自造 Netizen Productions




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