Between Waves

以「波 Wave」為概念發想,強調與地共構拔地而起的力量,用近200根線性的角材佈出曲面,用參數畫設計規劃環繞旋轉出一個內部為空的裝置。外部觀眾可感受到曲面向上竄升的力量,走進裝置則能感受到彷彿進入聖堂內部的空間對冽感,光線從狹長的縫隙中透出,虛實之間有著精采的光影對話。 

Inspired by "the wave,"  the curved shape art made with 200 pieces of timber puts emphasis on the power of rising up with the land. It's a device with a well-designed surrounding exterior but with a hollow interior. On seeing the exterior, the audience can feel the rising power of the curved surface. As you enter into the device, you will feel that you are in the sanctuary. When the light shines through the slits, in between reality and vituality, we can see the light and shadows interact with each other spectacularly.



構築設計|陳建同 與木製研

攝影| Yi-Hsien Lee and Associates YHLAA

策展單位|群眾自造 Netizen Productions





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