Founded in 2015.  We are an integrative team of architecture, interior, furniture, landscape design; To explore the relationship between people and space in different scale. The design emphasized the essence of life and respect the material properties and spatial characteristics. We are convinced that good works are made by good integration and communication.


The People 成員





陳 冠瑋


Chen, Kuan-Wei

Graduated from the Department of Architecture of National Cheng Kung University. Has been engaged in architectural planning and landscape design in Tainan and Taipei. The types of cases include villas, residential buildings, hotels, public buildings and so on.

Is now practicing in Tainan, hoping to innovate from hometown, through practice and then understand the context and culture of my hometown.





Lin, Yu-Hsuan
林 于暄

Graduated from the Department of Architecture of National Cheng Kung University. Worked in the field of architectural planning, interior design in Hsinchu and Taipei. Now I live in Tainan, still work in the field of architecture and try to find every possibility of architecture.

Architecture is part of my life. I can practice the ideal life through the design. And I like to challenge all types of design issue, which will be difficult but unique and fascinated.




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