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Golden Pin Design Award 2022 Exhibition





With fingers skillfully sliding across the tech-compressed touch interface, the user quickly browses multiple tabs, inputting new information into the browser database at a seemingly fast pace, but it is actually difficult for thoughts to stay and accumulate in space and time.

The concept behind this year’s Golden Pin Design Award Ceremony revolved around a fingerprint image, which formed the main vision of the ceremony, and the message it delivers: how a quick glance impacts personal choices. The 2022 Golden Pin Design Exhibition applied this idea to the exhibition space, magnifying the sensory experiences that the award-winning works create within a physical space. Guests may gaze at the textures and details of the exhibits, while feeling the long hours committed to creating the works and their encounter with the works in the exhibition space. Between works and works, and between imagination and viewpoints, the exhibits and guests superimpose an expanse of thoughts that span the universe.

This Golden Pin Design Exhibition is centered on the concept of divergence, which is applied in creating the spatial atmosphere and displaying the exhibits. The first half of the exhibition hall is filled with works of varying pure materials, geometry, and scale. As guests follow the circulation routes, they can see stacks of exhibits, forming layers of creative effects that end with a large exhibition table. At the end of the exhibition, the guests are invited to draw on the interactive chalk board; their creative drawings become a part of the exhibition space, supplying a rich stream of creative ideas.

策展人曾令理 Ling-Li Tseng

策展單位偶然設計 Serendipity Studio

空間設計曾令理 Ling-Li Tseng、魏飴瑩 Yi- Ying Wer、鄭兆麟 Chao-Lin Cheng 

專案管理魏飴瑩 Yi- Ying Wei

視覺設計鄭兆麟 Chao-Lin Cheng 

燈光設計|偶然設計 Serendipity Studio

工務統籌雲門工程 Yun Men Engineering Co., Ltd.

展場攝影黑鳥音像 Lemonster Lee

主辦單位經濟部工業局  Industrial Development Adminstration Minstry of Economic Affairs

執行單位台灣設計研究院 TDRI

合作單位台灣設計館 TDRI

特別感謝國立陽明交通大學 NYCU、彡苗空間實驗 seed spcelab

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