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Rolling Pavilion

蜷蜷亭 The Rolling Pavilion


  《蜷蜷亭》 的創作概念由蜷曲的型態出發,希望能將野性的竹材建構出數位設計中的序列感,在精準性與平滑性之中完成具有當代感的作品。 工法上以創新的剖竹片集成續接,展現竹材的編輯性與可信賴的特質。


  基地位於陽明交大光復校區,特意選址為工程館與第二餐廳之間,在這片人潮絡繹的草坪上,期望打造一個能讓人們駐留的空間。 型態上以連續的曲面打造出半室內的亭子,並蜷繞出一個室外的大座位平台區,形成一個邀請性極強的幾何,內外皆坐具設計,輔以帶有透明度的農膜,與手工細竹共構兼具遮陽與美學的實用作品。


     The "Rolling Pavilion" is featured in this year's "Tectonics of The Island 2024" derives a spiral form, assembling the sense of integrated wild bamboo and digital design, achieving a contemporary piece with precision and smoothness with innovative methods of integrating split bamboo strips, showcasing bamboo's editability and reliability.


    Located in the National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Guangfu Campus, the pavilion stands deliberately between the Engineering Building and the Second Dining Hall, intended to create a space where people can linger by the bustling pavement. The structure features continuous curved surfaces to create a semi-indoor pavilion, which coils around to form a large outdoor seating platform with a highly inviting geometry, with seating both inside and outside, complemented by transparent agricultural film and handcrafted thin bamboo, creating a practical work that combines shading and aesthetics.

展覽地點| Exhibition Location
新竹市東區大學路1001號-國立陽明交通大學 光復校區

No. 1001, Daxue Rd, East District, Hsinchu City, Taiwan

設計團隊|陽明交通大學建築研究所助理教授 - 曾令理

                   偶然設計 - 謝禎原 王嘉澍 蔡宗翰 朱俐穎 廖子寬

施工團隊|ESG地方創生淨零碳排國家隊 Taiwan Team /竹籟Bamboo-Lai - 陳慶來 陳昭雄 陳建丞 廖金益

                   伸茂園藝溫室工程  -  吳源鋐 吳源庭

結構顧問|原型結構工程顧問有限公司  -  陳冠帆 張家維

燈光設計|偶得設計 - 陳怡彰 林皓偉



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