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The Search of The Glow

森光霧果 The Search of The Glow

藝術家| 曾令理 Ling-Li Tseng
規劃與製造洋鑫先進製造 Yang Xin Advanced Manufacture Co., LTD
原彩實業  Yuan Tsai Co., LTD

攝影 Yi-Hsien Lee and Associates YHLAA

影片黑鳥音像  BlackBird Imagine Studio


Heaven Made and Human Sculpted—An Adventure in Light and Mist.

Mist descends and surrounds the trees of the forest, and this intermingling creates the feeling of being rooted in the mountains where everything is at once obscured and then distinct. All senses are slowly enhanced, and rays of the light guide us to an adventure in the mist. In a grove of trees, we discover an object emitting flickering light—its woven and curved staves engage in a dialogue with the natural curves of the surrounding trees. Walking into this glowing object, we are embraced by curved wood and light, which creates a mysterious spatial experience.

The artwork is a small installation made for the 2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival and was placed in a wooded area away from the central visitor plaza. The installation offers a gentle, harmonious, and tranquil space under the trees where one can commune with nature and take a break from the noisy excitement of the traditional celebration. The installation creates a natural experience and offers an alternative to the decorative displays that have been routinely seen at usual festivals.


The artwork has applied digital fabrication and craftsman techniques. The modular, lightweight wooden construction allows it to be easily reassembled. The lofting drafting technique was used to create the four large streamlined hoops that serve as the main structure, as well as the smaller hoops that connect them. Together they form a double-curvature geometry based on the sphere. These curved components are laminated of eight layers of wood veneer and 35 millimeters thick. Grooves were cut in the wood with a router to accommodate inlaid strip lights, whose graceful curves shine through the mist. 



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